What does “Dubbel Zoute Media” mean?

When deciding on a company name, marketing standards say I should go with something easy and memorable or that incorporates my name. But I’m sick of doing what I should.

So I went with one that’s near and dear to my heart.

“Dubbel zout” is Dutch for “double salt.” It’s a flavour of my favourite candy: “dropje” or black licorice.

Yes, double-salted black licorice. Sounds nasty, right? But for me, a Canadian kid of Dutch immigrants, these chewy morsels hold a lot of meaning. Not only are they delicious (seriously), but they represent my personality — a little salty, a little sweet.

Kind of like life, really.

Who is Kristy Woudstra?

Basically, I’m a storyteller with an insatiable curiosity. Since I graduated from Ryerson’s journalism program nearly 20 years ago, I’ve applied my editing and writing skills to print, digital and broadcast for both media outlets and non-profit organizations.

My areas of expertise include social justice, international politics, human interest, parenting and pop culture. I believe in producing quality content that targets specific audiences. I work hard and fast and I live for deadlines.

I’ve won multiple Canadian Online Publishing Awards and Canadian Church Press Awards. I have also received a National Magazine Award nomination.

What are my qualifications?

My topsy-turvy career started in magazine journalism, moved to non-profit, custom content and then switched to digital media. While I have years of management experience, I prefer to get my hands dirty in shaping stories in whatever form they take.

I have written, edited and assigned countless stories and editorial packages over the years.

Being a pioneer in social media, I have a wealth of experience in organically building large, engaged audiences and brand ambassadors. I specialize in Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

I’m a creative soul constantly churning out story ideas.