With nearly 20 years of writing and editing award-winning content, I am a firm believer in producing quality stories that target specific audiences.

My expertise lies in digital and print media. And with the changing landscape of journalism, these are no longer mutually exclusive.

I know how to make stories click and what sells on the newsstands. With my marketing experience, I’m also adept at finding ways to cross-promote content to reach a larger audience in a competitive market.

Investigative journalism, world politics and social justice issues are my passion, but I also love to tackle service, opinion and viral pieces.

As an editor, I have a keen eye for structure and no patience for unnecessary words.

Media outlets I’ve written and edited for include: Today’s Parent, Huff Post, Canadian Living, The UC Observer, The Walrus, Geez, This, Outdoor Canada and MoneySense.

Here are some recent samples of my work:

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