Branded & Custom Content


I have dedicated the majority of my career to developing custom content for non-profit organizations. I thrive on creating stories that inform, affirm and motivate donors.

For many Canadians, it’s difficult to fully understand what non-profit organizations actually do. Sure, they see the ads and read the devastating numbers, but how does their money or time actually make a difference?

That’s where storytelling comes in. I believe stories, whether they take the form of broadcast, digital or print, build bridges of understanding between countries, communities and individuals.

Studies have demonstrated time and again that people are much more likely to respond to an individual rather than sweeping statistics.

In my experience, informed donors fulfill their donations at rates much higher than those responding simply to ads or street solicitors. They are also more loyal and will give for the long-term.

I can help organizations (or businesses, for that matter) tell their stories of impact and change, which will create brand ambassadors among their donors, clients and customers.


I have a wealth of experience in creating dynamic branded content for digital and print campaigns.

For print, I create advertorial that suits both client goals and the publication’s tone and style.

After five years of working as an online journalist and editor, I understand how to reach audiences with clickable display and engaging copy.

I am constantly coming up with relevant story ideas, and I can help companies and organizations boost their ad reach.

Samples of my custom and branded work:

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